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Sore today, strong tomorrow
Life is measured by the true moments
Sometimes I just love to share
1. Give it a try
2. Why?
3. How to learn
4. Golden rules for a good performance
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Photo credits: Filipa Silva, 2013

Kitesurfing is easy and accessible to everyone: man and woman - young and old - even children. You don't need to be super fit. With appropriate equipment you can enjoy this sport. You only need to take some lessons to learn the basics, go to the water and start exploring. Don't be afraid by the images of PROs doing deftifying stunts.

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Photo credits: Paulo Baptista, 2012

- ZEN EXPERIENCE: no thoughts, no worries
- Sensation of freedom
- It is all about the experience and you: learn and progress each time you go to the water
- Adrenalin is a natural drug and give you a wonderful feeling when released in your body
- It alow you to know new and different beautiful places
- "Without knowing", you're doing exercise an this is good for your body and health
- It's normal to eat a lot but if you do 2-3 times a week with a 2-4 hour session you'll burn all the calories
- Your girlfriend/ boyfriend will love you even more if you do the same as she/ he and both can share more experience together
- You're surrounded with happy people. This community is usually sociable and helpful
- And, as you probably discover, all this makes Kitesurf the most exhilarating and addictive sports today.

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Photo credits: Tiago Rocha, 2013

Forget youtube videos and friends! You should choose a school that is an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Affiliate.

A CERTIFIED kitesurf INSTRUCTOR is REQUIRED because he will give you the confidence and improvement to ride from zero to independent, even PRO level, telling you what to do and why you should do it. You are responsible for your safety and that of others. When you finished your lessons, the school will give you an IKO member card with your name and level and with that others can check your experience. Some centers/ schools only alow to rent equipment if you show this card to them. Don't forget to bring it all the time if you're spending your holidays doing Kitesurf.

If you're interested to visit Portugal, I recommend to go to Esposende and visit the school where I give lessons. Check our conditions at

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Photo credits: Ricardo Vale, 2013

- Bedtime routine: sleep hours (8-10 hours) and wake time
- Do not go to bed hungry or thirsty
- Eat a light dinner 2 hours before bedtime
- Drink milk, eat fish, vegetables, dried fruit and avoid sweets, alcohol, chocolate, coffee and fats
- Do not watch TV or listen to the radio in the room before bed to not disturb the rest
- If you’re in competition, sleep a nap before, no more than 30 minutes to not harm your concentration